Risks & Complications Of Herpes With Dating

If you have contracted herpes, you may not even know it. Many people have this virus for years and do not develop any symptoms. This does not mean you are safe, or those complications cannot occur.

What Is Herpes?

Genital herpes comes from a virus known as Herpes Simplex 2. As it is primarily spread through sexual contact, it is classified as a sexually-transmitted disease.

Why Is Herpes Dangerous?

An infected person can pass herpes on to his or her sexual partners. Even during an active outbreak, you may think it is something else.

Pregnant women with herpes can infect their babies. In some cases, this can be fatal to the newborns.

Herpes can cause health problems to the infected person, too. It can affect your brain and your nervous system. It can cause headaches, and increase your risk of aseptic meningitis.

Herpes Can Be Prevented

Individuals who are not infected with herpes can take steps to avoid it. One option is to avoid sexual activity entirely. A second option is to have a monogamous relationship with a partner who is not infected. A third option is to practice safe sex. Use condoms correctly every time you engage in sexual activity.

Do You Have Herpes?

If there is any possibility that you have contracted this STD, you need to find out if you have it. You can ask your doctor to test you for herpes. However, if privacy is a concern, you have another option. You can buy a kit to test yourself at home.

There is currently no cure for herpes, but it can be treated. If you choose to use a home testing kit, talk to your doctor if it determines you have the STD. He can prescribe an antiviral medication to protect your health.

Be Smart- Be Safe

There are too many complications associated with sexually-transmitted diseases to not take these issues seriously. You may have contracted an STD before you knew about the risks. The worst mistake you can make is to act as if it does not exist, and take no steps to protect your health.

Start by having a test to see if you have herpes. If you have not contracted it, take further steps to avoid it. Sexual activity without protection can harm your health and put others at risk.

You can be smart and be safe by knowing the facts and applying common sense. Whether you avoid herpes or ensure it is not passed on to others, you are taking the responsible approach. Herpes is a common STD, but you can stay healthy.

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